Tabular Search Results with Column Filters

The customer I was with last week, like many others, wanted their search results to appear in a table form – like a List View, in fact.

List View Search Results

Now, I’ve written the XSL to do this for various solutions over the years, but they had found a CodePlex project for this – SharePoint 2010 Search Results in Tabular Format. This project has a feature I’d not managed to write, or had seen working before – column titles that were sortable and filterable:

Sorting and Filtering on Columns

That’s pretty neat. And it’s all XSL. You can, if you edit the XSL and the Columns you get back from search, show, sort, and filter other columns of data.

One observation I would make is that this XSL does not format Hit Highlighting – that is, matches aren’t shown as strong, and the summary doesn’t contain any ellipsises [ … ] characters. However, you could easily add these from the ‘standard’ XSL to get hit highlighting working again.