Fail: Visual Studio ‘Verify’ for Office 365 in 2010 compatibility mode

Right, so I’m trying to develop some Remote Event Receivers. I’ve been using our company’s tenant. Lets call it That tenant was a SP2010 one, which has been upgraded.

I am trying to test using It’s a SP2013 site collection. Unfortunately, is still running in 2010 mode.

When I try to add a new Remote Event Receiver to my project, I am prompted to log in to Office 365, presumably to I do so, and I’m shown an error page: CaptureYup, a SP2010 error page. The path to this page is . So it appears that visual studio doesn’t check the actual site collection that I want to use, but merely the ‘root’ site collection, and as that is in SP2010 mode, it can’t do whatever the login requires.

When I repeat this with a test SP2013-based tenant, it seems fine.

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